GGJ 2013 Pittsburgh Heart String


Producer & Sound Designer & Game Designer: Davis Dong
Programmer/Designer: Mu Ni
Programmer/Designer: Xiuyuan Li
2D Artist: Eleanor Chen

Global Jam Project finished in 48 hours


BVW Fall 2012 Round 4 Bare Bear


Story Round
Programmer: Yilin Fan(Gus)
2D Texture Artist: Mu Li (Elodie)
3D Modeler: Jia Qin (Victor)
Yang Shi
Sound Designer & Co-Programmer & Performer: Shihao Dong(Davis)
Platform: Microsoft Kinect

Round 0 End!


Although I have ended all my assignment earlier, today I have been in the lab in “Labor Day!”. Luckily, all things goes smoothly!!


Waiting for my teammates and Round 1 !